Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adventures In Brocade

Or maybe I should call them misadventures. I have been lusting for some brocade pieces to add to my winter wardrobe for quite some time now. I was looking for luxurious fabrics with rich hues and delicate patterns. For the most part my search was unsuccessful. Could it be? Were brocade and I not meant to be? Just when I started to lose hope, I found my one lone success. Be sure to look out for it later this week.

Jack by BB Dakota Carla Dress/Size XS-I had such high hopes for this dress. The pattern and colors were exactly what I was looking for. Plus, it had pockets! This dress ran huge. Everywhere. The waist and hips were enormous and the shoulder straps kept falling down. Anyone looking to buy this dress should definitely size down.

Anthropologie Prunus Brocade Skirt/Size 0-Another gorgeous piece that ran way too big. I really loved the color of this skirt, but pretty much hated the fit. It was too big at the waist and the hips poofed out way too much for my taste.

ASOS Spot Jacquard Pants/Size 2-I had my eye on these pants for a while so when they were marked down after thanksgiving, I took the plunge. Much like most of my purchases from ASOS, they were a disappointment. I think I have finally given up on ordering pants from them. Every pair I try seems to be huge in the crotch area. These were also big in the waist. The material was lovely though.

Zara Trousers with Argyle Jacquard Pattern/Size XS-These pants were absolutely stunning in person. The length was perfect, but the waist again was just too big. I also didn't care for how the pockets stuck out creating the illusion of bigger hips.

Zara TRF Camouflage Jacquard Trousers/Size 2-One word. Terrible. These were beyond unflattering on me. If you have even the smallest amount of hips, I can't imagine these would work for you.

Zara TRF Metallic Jacquard Trousers/Size 2-These pants had a really great print and the colors were super vibrant and saturated in person, but alas I found them very unflattering on me. I feel like they made my hips and thighs look larger than they are. It's too bad because they pants really were lovely and fully lined in jersey to keep you warm on chilly days.


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