Friday, April 29, 2011

All Things Pantone

The Golden Gate Bridge is PMS 173 also known as International Orange. Is it weird that it's my mission in life to know the PMS (Pantone Matching System) color of like everything? I am a sucker for all things Pantone. I already have the mugs, a peppermill, a coin purse, but I just can't get enough. And now I find out that there is a Pantone Hotel. I have to go! This blog has some terrific photos of the cheerful looking hotel. According to the hotel website guests are given a room to compliment their moods at check-in. The hotel seems to convey the identity of Pantone perfectly without going overboard. I must make a trip to Beligum soon.

In addition to visiting the hotel, the Pantone item I am coveting most at the moment is the Capsure. This hand-held device allows you to capture color inspiration from everyday objects. Now I can finally find the exact PMS color of that little part of a rug I liked or a tote bag I saw. With a library of up to 8,000 colors the possibilities are endless.

The pictures below are some of my other Pantone obsessions. Click on photos for purchasing details.

How cute would these chairs be in an office or den type space? Maybe one day when I have my own studio.

These tins filled with Pantone chip cookies would make the perfect little gift for the design geek in your life.

This DIY project is sort of amazing. Again, on my wishlist for my future design studio.

Owning this bike is reason enough to move to Europe.


Angela said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

that bike is amazeballs. let's get to europe, pronto.

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