Friday, April 22, 2011

A Follow-up: H&M Conscious Collection

As mentioned in an earlier post, the H&M Conscious Collection debuted last Thursday. I booked it to the downtown DC location so I could get there right when they were opening and boy am I glad I did. It turns out that they pretty much only had one of each item in my size, so I quickly scooped up all the pieces that I was interested in. Click on the photos to enlarge.

This dress is the reason I really wanted to get to H&M on the morning of the collection debut. They only had one size 2 (fits like a 00) and I grabbed it right away. This dress was even prettier in person than it was online. The mix of the ultra feminine chiffon top and the metallic brocade bottom is just lovely. My only concern is the plunging neckline, there will need to be some serious double-sided tape action going to avoid exposure. I decided to take the plunge, no pun intended, and buy the dress and am leaning towards keeping it.

Beaded Strapless Top

I tried this top on in a size 2 (fits like a 00p) and it was terrible. One of the least flattering things I have ever put on my body. I'll pass, thank you.

Scalloped Shorts

ChloƩ's scalloped shorts were seen all over the place this winter and spring. These knock off pale pink version make a lovely substitute for those of us who don't want to drop a grand on a pair of shorts. Although i went ahead and purchased these, I am not sure if I am going to keep them. I just don't know how much I will actually wear them.

Organic Cotton Peplum Top

They barely had any of these tops in the store, but i did manage to score both of them is a size 2 (fits like a 00p). It's hard to imagine many people being able to wear this top. I have an extremely short torso and it fit me well, but if you are regularly proportioned or have a long torso, this will definitely be a belly shirt on you.  I haven't decided if I am going to keep both yet, but I do love the peplum style and hook and eye closure on these tops.

After seeing the entire Conscious Collection in person, I am sticking to my original opinion. It was pretty disappointing in comparison with the Garden Collection. Many of the items were see through, seemed cheap and just not worth the price.


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I could get behind that dress. As for the other pieces, I feel like they are too bold for me.

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