Thursday, January 19, 2012

From the Fitting Room: H&M

I went to H&M to try on the shirt from my dead ringer post last week and to check out their new spring arrivals. I was disappointed by their spring pieces with the exception of these gorgeous tweed shorts. The pictures really don't do them justice.  

The gingham shirt was a little on the long side (blame my super short torso), but other than that it fit pretty well. The H&M website says that it's only available in sizes 4-16, but there were plenty in size 2, which is the size I tried on, at my store as well. I ended up buying the pink color because I thought it was a nice spin on a traditional fabric. Plus, the larger checks on the blue felt a little too country western to me.

I loved everything about these blue tweed shorts. I tried on a size 2, they fit perfectly and the black ribbon detail is a nice touch. They'll be great with a blazer and tights for the winter months. Hopefully some of the detail shows up in the second photo. I obviously had to buy these!


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