Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From the Fitting Room (sort of): 2012 H&M Glamour Collection

In conjunction with the launch of their regular Conscious Collection, this year, H&M decided to launch a Glamour Conscious Collection as well. The line features red carpet inspired looks, but are still made from recycled materials. As mentioned in my fitting room review, none of the items from the Glamour line were available in my local store. If you know me you know I didn't stop there. After an email exchange with a customer service rep, I learned that only a handful of cities would be carrying the line, the closest of which was New York. My wonderful and equally fashion obsessed friend Travis was on it. He took off to his closest H&M store and luckily enough found several dresses in my size. In the end, the only one I had him purchase was the purple dress with flower applique (seen here in photo 2). I will however pass along the comments he had on the two other dresses that I was really interested in. I would've loved to have tried all three on, but I was worried about how I would return them if they didn't work out for me.

Glamour Collection Purple Applique Dress, Size 2 (from ribcage down fits like a 00p), $59.95: This dress was a major disappointment. It fit nothing like what was shown on the promos. Super tight in the hips and huge in the shoulders, chest, and sleeves. As my co-worker so accurately put it, "you look sort of like a linebacker." It's difficult to tell from the photo, but the back strap was way too long as well. This dress was definitely made for someone with very broad shoulders and no hips at all. The sides of the back were ill fitting as well. At first I thought there would be a way to alter this dress, but I don't believe it would be possible. When you try to pull the back strap to make the chest area more fitted, the entire opening moves up so it's half way up your neck. I just can't get over how much of a mess this dress is. Verdict: returned

Glamour Collection Gray Ruffle Full Length Gown (seen here in photo 1), $299.95. As described by my friend: one of the most beautiful dresses that he has seen in person and there is no way he can believe it's from H&M. He also mentioned that he didn't think it would work on my 5'3" frame, it was very long and he didn't believe it could be shortened very easily due to the ruffles. This is the one dress from the collection that I was really dying for. I just loved everything about it, but after debating for a long time I decided to pass. I have no idea where the average person could wear this dress, especially given the color. It could definitely pass for a wedding dress. Meaning, unless you wanted experience the wrath of a bride, there is no way you could wear it to a wedding. According to my friend, there were a ton of these dresses left so I am guessing many people had the same thought process as me. Pretty much a black tie event is the only place you could wear this and let's be honest, most people that attend black tie events are probably not shopping at H&M.

Glamour Collection Lime Green Dress (seen here in photo 4) , $69.95. As described by my friend: very pretty, but very short and a full open back. This one must have been pretty popular because there was only one left in my size. After much consideration, I decided I would have no where to wear this dress because of the length and open back. It also looked a little too much like a cheerleader uniform to me.


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